hydraulic brake line extension - velotric discover 1


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Apr 27, 2023
New member here. Hey! I bought a pair of velotric discover 1 bikes for the wife and I and after raising the handlebars have noticed the hydraulic brake tubes are too short. I don't know what style or brand to replace them with as there are no markings. Does anyone have experience with this or know for example if they're shimano compliant etc? thanks much.
Hydraulic brake lines require special cutter and press to fit to specific length to your bike, best left to your local bike shop if you don't the proper tools or brake lines.
The brake system will require a bleed with new brake line anyway, leave it to the bike shop to do it if you're not familiar with the process.


My wife and I have a Velotric Discover 1 and a Nomad 1 respectively. ABAICT, the front- and rear hydraulic brake calipers are decontented Shimano BR-MT500’s (no brand markings and no bleed nipple) with resin pads, and the brake hoses are likely unlabeled BH-59.

The pic at the top shows the rear brake caliper on my Nomad 1. I’m doing some upgrade work on my bike’s brakes, and I found this caliper VERY difficult to bleed.

The last bike I bought before this one was probably 20 years ago; it had mechanical rim brakes. Modern hydraulic brakes are a completely different animal.

Jim / crewzer