Howdy from LA (Lower Alabama)! - Cliensy Ebike Question

Ira Madsen

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1:32 PM
Mar 29, 2021
I’m very frustrated with my ebike!

I will admit, I bought a cheapie! But, surely I’m not the only one.

I have a Cliensy Mountain Bike. Bought from Amazon. It’s been great for 550 miles, but now I have a problem, and I cannot find support, manuals or even locate the doggone manufacturer! I’m hoping for a “lead” from this knowledgeable group!

I won’t go into detail in this “intro”, but I’ll post further in an appropriate place. If you own a Clientsy or know anything about them, I’d sure like to talk to you!

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forum!

I think I found it the Cliensy ebike here on Amazon, is this the one you have?

I see in the reviews that other buyers are complaining there is no support from the manufacturer. Also it looks like they are no longer for sale on Amazon. Maybe there is another ebike that uses the same components and you can find a manual that way?
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Amazon was still selling them yesterday. I contacted the seller. They just sell parts, and she had NO IDEA who the manufacturer is! I think they’re drop-shipped. She probably never sees the bike!

I am unable to identify the controller or LCD Panel! All writing is in Chinese. I’ve compared and looked for this display. I can’t find it that way either.
Sorry to hear this, it's a shame they don't sell the parts. Seems a bit odd actually, most ebike companies stock replacement parts. Ebikes don't last forever, the batteries are a consumable item for instance.
So far, its been a dead end. Obviously the bike is made by someone. And, parts were acquired somewhere! There IS an answer.
And, meantime it’s a warning to others that may be shopping! Know the company, the support and parts availability. Cheap isn’t the best, long-term.
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There is often more than one factory that makes any one ebike design. Try to search for similar products/keywords for your bike and see if it is sold under different names. Sometimes Ebay will sell Chinese ebikes. Documentation is notoriously lacking on inexpensive ebike stuff. YouTube will often have info on niche Chinese ebikes as well.