How to stop broken spokes?


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Oct 10, 2021
I bought a somewhat cheap DIY ebike kit: 48v 1800 w 20ah battery, engine is 48v 1500w. I took the hub apart and sprayed it with EL601 red insulating varnish to waterproof it so I can ride in the rain and covered up the triangle battery with trash bags and flex tape. It works pretty good.

I switched out my rear motor because every day to 2 days 1-2 of the damned spokes would break. They are 12 gauge 173 mm spokes. I read that you can buy some better quality than apparently what I have that could be harder to break than than 12's at a 14 gauge. I have no knowledge about this and need help figuring out how to get the spokes to quit breaking? Very annoying to have to take bike apart and put new spokes in at work before heading home or getting home and repeating the process.

So front motor had a blow out and all air escaped at once and it hurt my left shoulder because I lost control of the bike and blew the tire a 4 inch gash on the side wall. Improper beading is what I read into it. Now I want to go back to rear and need to fix the spoke problem, since I believe rear wheel is safer than front.


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Aug 31, 2021
Buy a good wheel. I have mine built by Peter White. I hit a sick hole while heavily loaded—see the pics.
Not only did the wheel not fail immediately, I rode it for 3 days (100 miles) before it flatted and I realized anything was wrong.
Spend the money, it’s worth it⚡️


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