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How to Fix Bafang BBSHD & BBS02 Error 30


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Error 30 is a communication fault between Bafang components on the BBSHD & BBS02 kits. It is a common error and the usual culprit is a communication error between the display and the controller. The Bafang set up requires a display (961,963, 965, DCP10) to function properly and unfortunately this makes the system less reliable.

How to Fix Bafang BBSHD & BBS02 Error 30:

1. Check all the connections and make sure they are connected properly.
2. Move the connections around and check for any twists or bends in the wiring harness.
3. If it still shows error 30 then it could be a faulty component. Move onto the next section to test components.

How to Test Bafang BBSHD & BBS02 for a Faulty Component:

Check the following components:
  • Display (most commonly at fault)
  • Wiring (check the wiring loom for damage or crushed wires)
  • Controller
  • Speedo
These components are cross compatible with all Bafang mid drives (apart from the controller). If you have another BBSxx kit or know someone with one, you can interchange the display, controller or speedo to troubleshoot the faulty component(s). The only other way to fix error 30 is to try replacing the components one by one until the problem goes away.


Hi I have bafang 1000w 20ah batery I did only almost 500 km and I have error problem ( error 30 comunication fault ) motor is not working with pedal asistmant and is not working with pressing the botton and on my speedo is normaly red light on and now is off cann you help me semeone pls what to do ?