How to charge eBike when camping?


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1:21 PM
May 6, 2020
So who takes their ebike camping with them and what do you use to charge the battery? Seems the charger draws a lot of power. Any info would be helpful. By the way my bike is a Giant Trance E+2
Two car batteries and a power inverter for short trips. Or if camping for longer I take a small 2000 watt generator if in a place without power. It will run my whole camper too, quiet and very efficient.
I charge with an inverter clipped into the battery terminals on a truck. I have run the truck battery down more than once. So... I’ve found that I need to run the truck engine about half the ebike charge cycle— not ideal.
I was doing a trial run tonight with an inverter and a 67ah gel cell battery, after about an hour the inverter fan started running really slow. I didn’t realize those chargers use that much power.
I have an inverter and solar panels, to run my camper van. Dang ebike battery takes a long time to charge, usually about 4hrs...
Plug it in to the mains power outlet at the campground. Back up ebike batteries come in handy too :D