How to change gears properly on an ebike?


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May 7, 2020
Some quick advice on how to properly shift gear on your EBike!! What are your thoughts and opinions? I've been working on perfecting shifting on my 500 watt mid drive PAS only. Still tweaking derailleur settings and learning the proper "back off" in pedaling IMHO derailleur shifting a mid drive is not a long term engineering solution. Build an electronic power pause into the shift lever?
Being a pedal assist as opposed to a throttle, you would want to put a shift sensor along with a controller or motor that has a torque sensor. You want to tend to your parts as much as possible because you don't have as much variability with PAS as you do with a full throttle. Also, making sure your derailleur hanger Is not bent and is aligned properly will ensure your best and smoothest shifts along with the correct in/out/height adjustments. In some cases where you don't have a height adjustment screw, varying the cable housing length (although NOT TOO MUCH, YOU CAN DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD) can help with shifting.
You have to pedal to shift the gears, but at the same time, with PAS, you have to pedal to accelerate. This is a caveat of pedal assisted bikes and thus a shift sensor and torque sensor can help remedy this issue.
Of course! This is bike riding 101. You always back off on the pedal pressure when shifting. However, it's much more important with a mid-drive since all the motor assist is coming through the bike's drive system. With a hub drive, the motor is actually turning the wheel.
For a hub drive it is not as necessary, you can pedal it like a regular bicycle and you don't have to worry about the shifting as much lol

I can definitely see how a mid-drive exerts enormous shear to those teeth. In certain cases the chain can jump over the teeth and snap completely if too much power is pushed thru a system that simply can't handle the torque, shelf bikes are the first to fail when converting them due to cheap parts like freewheels lol i had a freewheel lock up on me as i was riding, it almost had an engine braking effect with all the drag from the other chain and i heard the crank rpm going up every up shift like it was a dirt bike lmfaoo i know i wants good and since I've replaced the drive train about 3 times lol but definitely needs more care than a hub drive. You can get on one of those things and drive for miles and have thousands of miles without zero maintenance. It's really a thing of beauty