How to add a brake light to my electric bike?


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Apr 26, 2020
For legal and safety reasons where I live, i am wanting to add a brake light to the e-bike i am building with a BBSHD kit. The brake light will have its own power source.

Option 1: I want to use the bafang brake sensor as the "switch" to engage turn the brake light on. I have a little circuitry knowledge but to be honest I can't come up with the wiring diagram that is needed to create the circuitry.

Option 2: Get a window/door alarm reed switch and ziptie it under the brake lever, to use the magnet? This is option 2 since it will clutter up the handle bars and is just another thing could break and fail.

Has anyone else out there made a brake light for their electric bike?
Not sure of the name of the circuit you need. I also wanted to add a brake light to my ebike. I ended up going with a CMeilan X5 with the auto brake light option.
With this unit you can remote trigger the left an right turn signals. The best part is it has an accelerator in it which senses when you are slowing down and automatically triggers the brake light. It also includes lane markers and recharges with a USB cord. The remote uses a CR2032 battery and both the light and remote are easily removed when you are locking up your bike. Sells for around $35.99!

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