How sensitive are ebike batteries to bumps?


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1:07 AM
Jul 8, 2018
I'm gonna get a new battery for going on long rides. I go over loads of bumps and it'd be taking a few bumps strapped to bike above the rear tire. How touchy are the batteries, might this be an problem? Should I cushion it or am I just being paranoid?
I do this regularly, I simply used a few 1/4" high density foam I had laying around, that or other foam that comes as packing in whatever you get shipped to you. Nowadays, whenever I get a parcel, I'm always keen to see what type of foam it can have, as I know it will re-purposed! The principal is so the battery can not slap hammer the rear rack as I hit the bumps. I've had no problem with this for a number of miles, the padding and securing combo is quality.