How many mtb manufacturers produce throttle emtbs?


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Jul 17, 2020
I hear crickets... this is why the throttle powered emtbs need not apply.

You can run this with pedal assist and throttle or just throttle.

I spent 30 seconds on a Google search to find this...
Do you see a lot of pedego normal mtbs on your trails and are they listed here under manufacturers, like next to Pivot for example?
I don't see any motorized vehicles on my trails as they are prohibited. I don't understand the rest of your post. You asked about throttles and I posted one.
Specialized, Trek, Pivot etc. All make mtb and emtb without throttle powered. So how many mtb manufacturers make throttle powered Ebikes? Go ahead take longer than 30 seconds on Google.
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You forgot to ask "And how many of these bikes can be modified to operate by throttle with an aftermarket purchase?"
True. Nobody modifies their motorcycles or pedal bikes. That never happens. ;)
LOL you can google that also and pull videos & dozens of threads about modifying mopeds. Willful ignorance in the age of information is a special type of stupid.
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I don't believe in Google for mine or my family's information btw. I make the wife and kids walk to the library and pull out the Encyclopedia Brittanica. They need to earn their info. It's kinda like cheating with Google, why let them learn more if it's so damn easy!
What difference does it make? I can make *your* holy mountain bike operate with a throttle with an aftermarket purchase.
There's more than a few emtbs with throttles, they just call it walk assist...

And lots of eFatbikes
I thought the new 2018 Turbo Levo has a thumb activate walk assist throttle, it is not a full throttle, but it is there right?

How long until that

1> is hacked into a full throttle
2> comes from the factor as a full throttle option?

If there is a demand for it, you can bet Specialized and other big manufacturers will build it.
Really? You still don't understand this?

Please make a video of YOU on a bike with walk assist to show us this wonderful feature.
Yes, walk assist fine. My point is the big boys aren't producing them with twist and go feature, not yet. Maybe a motor and twist throttle might be too much of a sell?
True, anything can be hacked. But if you were Specialized, would you put a twist and go ebike on the market at "this" time? Hell no.
It's easy to understand, the big boys don't produce twist throttle e-bikes because they don't look enough like bicycles.
No need.

Throttles are not defined by the speed that the vehicle moves, or how many passengers are in it. They control how much power reaches the motor, that's it.

"A device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine."

There aren't any exemptions that I know of in the US where walk assist is legally redefined as not being a throttle, so AFAICT, it is one no matter what you decide to call it.