How long do ebike batteries last?


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Jul 8, 2018
How many charges can you get out of a typical LIon ebike battery? I have heard that the less you discharge them, the longer they last.
The reason most people's batteries don't last long is that they buy a battery which is just enough for the range of their commute. I suggest buying the biggest battery you can afford so that you don't have to discharge it so much before recharging.
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With the Li-ion batteries in cars it's not the amount of charge cycles but the portion of the battery that is used.

If you charge from say 40-60% each time it will last longer than a battery charged from 80-100% or 0-20%. So keeping the charge and discharge zone in the middle of the batteries voltage range (rather than at each extreme) will give you the best life for the battery.

I'm gonna assume that an ebike Li-ion works in the same way as a car battery.
According to a paper by battery university about prolonging battery life, the conclusion is as follows for a LiPO4 battery:

100% depth of discharge 600 cycles
80% depth of discharge 900 cycles
60% depth of discharge 1,500 cycles
40% depth of discharge 3,000 cycles
20% depth of discharge 9,000 cycles
10% depth of discharge 15,000 cycles