How long do Ebike batteries last before they need to be replaced?


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May 6, 2020
Does anyone know how long Ebike batteries last before they need to be replaced? Any tips on how to make them last longer. My bike has Panasonic cells. Thanks you guys are awesome.
Get a quality charger and set the full charge to 56v and do not discharge below 51v. The testing on this has shown almost 2000 charge cycles verses 250-300.
My oldest battery is 4 1/2 years old with 11,000 miles. Panasonic cells, 48V 11.6 ah. It's still running strong with only a slight decrease in range, maybe 10%. I don't charge it to the max every time, only when I plan on a long ride.
Your charging (and storage habits) have a LOT to do with it. Don't store it full and avoid charging over 80% except before a long ride when your going to need it.
Ansheer battery (Walmart crap) lasted less than a year. Name-brand has lasted 5 years and still going strong, supporting the, "You get what you pay for" theory.
I have a bionx battery from 2009, going great. Quality lasts. Charge a bit every month even if not using it....