How important is a waterbottle mount to your E-bike?


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Jul 23, 2020
In a normal bike, folks are surprisingly attached to their in-frame water bottle mounts. Not everyone but still a majority.

For your ebike, do you care equally or not as much?
When I get one, it's gonna have a water bottle cage.
What if I have to pedal it home with a dead battery?
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I was always an advocate for at least one bottle mount. And all my bikes have a bottle mount, but I don’t use them, because I’m too vain. Only my opinion, but I think water bottles on bikes don’t look clean.

For short rides I use a Bontrager rapid pack and longer rides I switch to shoulder pack.
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One of the attractions of an e-bike for me is the "quick lap before work/at lunch" type of ride where I'm not really into a full workout, don't want to get all geared up and all sweaty but just want some dirt under the tires. Being able to have a bit of water on the bike is key.
It is a nice thing but i rarely carry any liquid.
Having room in the triangle first i would fit a frame bag.
My big concern is pedal strikes.
Some 175 are definitely mistakes if you ask me.
I wish # 1 for 165 mm cranks,
- # 2 room for a frame bag
- # 3 bottle mounts
and i am surprised not to see 29x2.6 offers.
The water bottle holder on the Levo has the bike multi-tool stored under the water bottle cage. That has been invaluable and a nice convenience. I never carry water in a bottle.
Very important to me, in fact, a deal braker. Would not buy a bike that cannot fit a bottle cage. Riding in warm temperatures makes it very unconfortable to wear backpacks, I never carry water in a bag.
Doesn’t make one bit of difference to bike doesn’t have a motor on it ;)
Not important to me at all. Never cared for dirt & animal fecal material on any drinking opening.
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Normally use a bottle mount but on my current bike I've added a Topeak Midloader frame bag to hold the spare battery so the water bottle goes in the backpack (next to the flask of coffee), and the bottle mount is holding my pump. (y)
Topeak Midloader frame bag.jpg

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Nice setup. My bar is real low, woman design, so i am looking for a lombar bag.