How Do E-bikes Compare With Traditional E-vehicles

Aug 6, 2021
Transportation is an essential part of our daily life. It is very convenient for commuting to get off work or leisure travel. Compared with traditional e-vehicles, what are the advantages of e-bikes?

1. Small size, easy to place and flexible and efficient. E-vehicles are relatively large. There are certain inconveniences in placement and charging. The e-bike is smaller in size, which is convenient for storage and charging. Some can even be folded and placed in the trunk of a car as a backup vehicle. Sometimes e-bikes are faster than cars because of their small body. Helps to ease traffic congestion and reduce traffic pressure.

2. One car can be used for multiple purposes. Fitness mode - no electric assist. Not going to the gym can also enjoy the blood and relaxation of exercise. Power-assist mode - riding with less effort and longer battery life. Electric Mode - Relaxed and effortless.
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