Himiway (Cruiser) Pedal Assist Settings

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10:30 PM
Sep 15, 2023
peoria AZ


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Can someone shed light on the SPS settings (range 1-15, default 1)? The KD51C Users Guide (Key-Disp Electric Bicycle Meter), the best documentation I have found so far. It says "SPS represents speed sensor settings". That tells me little. I ride my Cruiser on tough trails slowly and am tuning the pedal assist to best match my needs for attacking trail obstacles. I try both extremes, 1 & 15 and I (think) I like 15. Please, if you know, what do these settings do and how do they affect power delivery?

While I am at it, does anyone know how to select Push-Assist speeds? Mine takes off at a sprinting pace. I'd like to use it (hold down the (-) button) for when I need to push the bike up a bank too steep to ride. Currently, I use a slight amount of throttle but control is sketchy.