Himiway Cruiser Faster Than Rad Rover


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11:11 PM
Mar 10, 2021
Honestly having ridden the Rad Rover before purchasing the Himiway Cruiser there were a number of reasons I went with the Himiway product:
1) The larger 17.5aH Samsung vs 14aH battery. Larger battery, better range.
2) Programming and customization options as shown in several videos.
3) Price
4) Faster - There is little doubt the 750w brushless motor paired with the 48v Samsung 17.5aH battery on the Himiway delivers more power period.

That being said I will be analyzing the build quality of this bike and post updates. Unfortunately at 14.5 miles I had the left pedal strip out on the left crank arm. Hoping Customer Service at Himiway will resolve the concern quickly as I want to use the bike daily as a commuter. It’s a really nice bike overall.

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Goodness, the pedal stripped out of the crank, I've never actually heard of this happening. I feel sorry for you. What are they making the crank arms from butter these days!?!
Goodness, the pedal stripped out of the crank, I've never actually heard of this happening. I feel sorry for you. What are they making the crank arms from butter these days!?!
I’m just fortunate it was the left crank as it’s easy to work with vs. the right. My buddy Steve knows bikes very well...has an insane shop of his own at the house with 9 high end bikes. He looked at the threads of the aluminum crank as well as the steel threads on the pedal. I didn’t cross thread it and only put it on by hand but if the threads on the crank shaft were not machined right the failure I experienced was inevitable. Small inconvenience honestly. I would rather be riding it than waiting on a $10 part but we shall see how much longer it takes Himiway to get the part to me in San Diego. Once I have the new crank shaft I will have the bike fixed in what, 5 min.
As long as the crank shaft that the arm goes onto is good. If not this will happen over and over.
Update: Still waiting on the left crank arm and pedal Himiway promised to send out Monday. Honestly, it’s a shame they didn’t rush the $20 worth of parts from Orange County to San Diego. Despite repeated requests for an ETA and tracking details Himiway has not provided a proper response. I wrote them a follow up email tonight to which I did receive an email saying the parts will be shipped out soon. Really?

Not too worried about Warranty items on cheap parts but imagine if I had a controller or battery issue. Is this the level of customer service we should come to expect? Something to be said about Rad Bikes...they have the team and processes in place to actually serve their clients.
Good news: I was able to secure a 170mm left crank arm from San Diego Bike downtown that serves as the replacement for the part Himiway has yet to ship to me.

Bad news: Finally got a call back from Himiway to tell me that a replacement part is 3-4 weeks away from arriving. At this point, I want to ride the bike and I’m thrilled to have it back on the road.
Update 3/20: Himiway wrote me to say they would reimburse me for the crank arm I purchased and will send me a new left crank arm and pedal once parts arrive. Most importantly I’m enjoying riding the bike and expect to for many years to come.
I had bad experiences with Himiway to start with.....want to buy a HIMIWAY ZERBA at local HIMIWAY auth stores. bad service and none of them will offer any Himiway specials or offers. ??? these are Himiway auth stores?