himiway cruiser dual battery installation


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12:04 AM
Jan 25, 2023
Hello. I would like to add a 60 Volt 20ah battery to my Himiway cruiser. I've done some research to determine that the controller can handle up to 22 amps. And although the existing controller is listed at 48v, I was told it should easily support up to 62v. I will use a blender to correct the voltage difference. I would like to eventually replace the rear motor with 1000 Watt motor, but I plan on keeping the 750 Watt motor for the foreseeable future. My question is what type of connectors does Himiway use for the cruiser or will I have to cut and solder the two lines together? The connector included with the battery I intend on purchasing is the XT60. Does anyone know of a plug-and-play kit that works for Himiway cruisers? Also if anyone has any suggestions or can perceive any potential pitfalls please let me know.