Himiway Cruiser 52V x 20 amp/hr Plug-and-Play Battery ?


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Nov 11, 2021
I originally posted this in the General Questions category. Now I see there's a Batteries and Chargers category. Sorry for double posting.....
I'd like to get a spare battery to make sure if I go on an extended ride that I'll be able to make it back to my point of origin without having to pedal manually. Despite the Cruiser theoretically being able to be manually pedaled, because of the bike being much heavier than a regular bike and eBike geometry seems to also be not exactly like manual bikes, an eBike is a lot more exhausting to manually pedal than a regular bike. I know I can get a plug-and-play 52V x 17.5 amp/hr battery but ideally if I could find a 52V x 20 amp/hr plug-and-play battery it would be my preference.
So......anybody got a link to a seller that has a 52V x 20 amp/hr plug-and-play battery for a Himiway Cruiser?


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Mar 15, 2022
To plug and play, all you need is to match the voltage your controller expects, and compatible connectors or install your own. AH don't matter unless too low.

Only two wires, fairly simple. Never heard of Himiway, can't see it from here, no idea what connectors they use, possible integrated controller in which case you are mostly screwed unless you want to buy a second controller, MUCH more difficult to match and to ensure compatibility.


Mar 6, 2021
I'm not sure your Himiway is going to "like" the 52v battery as the controller is expecting 48v (48V/30A). I haven't had my bike apart enough to get a look at the controller, it may be capable of a 52v source. I don't know of a 52v battery of any amperage that will plug and play on the bike, the connections on my bike look proprietary and Himiway only sells 48v batteries (as of this date).
You might consider installing a newer battery mount for said 52v battery. Assume that you will have to cut the power wires at the existing battery mount and then connect them to the new battery mount.
If, on the other hand, you are thinking of two batteries on the bike that operate as one battery, the difference in voltage between the two batteries would be problematic. Two 48v batteries would work. But I'm guessing from your post, you want a battery that you swap for the existing 48v when it gets low or runs out of juice on a ride.
Good Luck and Cheers!
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