Hi showing off my bafang conversion


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Feb 15, 2021
Hello from Dublin Ireland
Hope everyone is good and having a great day
So this is my work of passion that I recently finished can't believe how easy it was to do and how much fun it is to drive


Any tips for the BBS02 would be appreciated cheers
Hi and welcome to the forum. I see you drilled holes in the frame to run the wiring to keep everything neat and out of the way. Great idea! What type of battery are you using with your BBS02 and where is it mounted?
Ah ha so glad you asked
and yes the holes in the frame was a real leap of faith but don't think they will affect the strength of the frame I think it just finishes it really I also had to solder the xt 60 connector as the length was nearly 80cm of surplus wire so snip snip and a bit of soldering and it's perfect runs up the back of the seat post ( not brave enought to drill out the seat post )

The battery is a rear mounted rack 48v 15ah 720wh range is pretty good like 60km with some light trottle

might upgrade to a 21wh but depends on how heavy it will be

but yeah love it and it seems to have sparked alot of interest I've a couple of request to do bikes for some friends
Now I have all the tools as I bought as I needed them

All in this cost me about 900€ 700 for motor and battery 130 for bike off secondhand website and a few bits to bring it back to life 30€ for tyres and 30€ for a new wide range cassette 11-42 8speed
And a few more bits from Ali Express I'm still waiting on like blue bolts for the headset and disk brakes and a blue clamp for the seatpost she will look slick when she is finished but like every diy projects it's never quite finished