Hi I'm Alan from Salisbury and I'm new here.


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Jul 23, 2022
Recently purchased a secondhand EvoMotion City E-Bike at a reasonable price, a bit of a snap decision. After years not riding I now have leg and feet issues and I wanted to try an E-Bike, without spending too much initially, in the hope it will be beneficial exercise.
Attached is a picture of the mode selector on my bike. With ignition on and a charged battery, when I start to pedal in either Low, Medium or High the motor kicks in and accelerates quite rapidly! This without using the twist grip! Indeed it is too fast and I have to stop pedalling and brake - quite scary.
Is this normal operation or do you think there may be a problem?
Thanks in anticipation,


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Welcome to the forum, Alan.

To me, that does not sound right, especially if you have the PAS on the lowest mode/setting.

I would suggest calling the company and telling them about it.

Maybe an issue with the cadence sensor?
You might try starting out with the throttle and see if you can control the speed easier that way. Welcome to the forum... you'll learn a lot here.