Hi from sunny Miami Beach


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5:58 PM
Oct 27, 2020
Hi all, Jim here. Been riding an e-bike since 2017 when I bought a new 2014 Specialized Turbo S that had sat unsold for 3 years at a local dealer. Got a great deal at the time and been enjoying the heck out of it. I hit the roads most evenings after work for relaxation and cardio workout (I ride w/ assist dialed-down to 20% otherwise the thing is a rocket!) The expansion of the Miami Beach "Beach Walk" trail all the way to South Beach will open up 11 uninterrupted miles for cycling safely away from cars when completed next year.

I joined the forum as I'm having an issue w/ the pistons seizing in the calipers. Is their a dedicated Specialized brand section or technical sub-forum where I should post my inquiry??