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Mar 28, 2021
looking to purchase a e-bike or two for my wife and I, doing a little research before I buy one.
Where will you ride these? How far? How fast? How much are you looking to spend? Do you currently ride bicycles?
I currently ride a mountain bike that’s pedal power only. My wife has tried a Rad Runner step thru 1 and wants one. Mostly ride gravel trails, roads and beach trails. I put on between 15 to 20 miles try to keep at 10 mph, that would likely increase with a riding partner and electric assist. Looking to spend as little as possible., but it would appear that what we like so far is 15-18 hundred range. Kinda swaying toward the Rad bike being as they have a shop 79 miles South of us. if the Canada border opens they is one about 25 miles away.
I bought the Radmini4 and now three of my friends bought the same. I'm a 62 year old 270 lbs man that very happy with this model. My son in law bought the Radrover and I didn't like it as much as mine. I really love the added mobility the bike brings. My friends say "That's not exercising" but I'm not sitting at home. I'm out and about! I love being able to throw it in the back of my hatchback and riding it anywhere I please. I bought it to use at the dragstrip, in the pits instead of a gas powered "pit bike". I love the ability to lock it inside the car and have to buy a bike rack to move it. This is a very strong and sturdy bike. Good ergonomics and easy to control. Here's a tip, look at the resale prices for electric bikes. Select the brand that resales the best