Hi, from Boulder, CO


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Jul 25, 2023
Boulder, CO, USA
Hi, folks! Avid cyclist riding mostly non-electric bikes but finding myself reaching for my Creo SL (outfitted as more gravel-leaning) and my Como 4.0 more and more these days. My hobbies comprise of cycling (and some racing), woodworking, bike maintenance (does this count?), gardening, and cooking. Looking forward to learning more about e-bikes!


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Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
Hi T. (consider adding your real first name to your signature and general geographic location to your profile) Welcome, from WI.

I'm turning into an avid cyclist. Rode bikes my whole life and am getting back into biking for transportation, now that I live a reasonable distance from work. I really love how bikes are practical transportation in other countries. I really love how much better I feel overall when I'm cycling as part of my lifestyle. (not just deliberate fitness seeking)

What I've been doing is commuting and running errands on my eBikes and cycling for fitness on my mBikes. That way, I don't arrive to work sweaty in the summer and the extra weight of shopping + rack + fenders doesn't really matter. I also have my wife ride an eBike when I take my mBike; that way I can get exercise without leaving her in the dust.

Seems like you're a fan of Specialized?

Careful though with eBikes. It starts to feel natural going faster and when you go back to an mBike after riding eBikes for awhile, you'll be shocked at how much slower climbing is and at how much more effort it takes to maintain 20 mph.