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Juergen aus Ulm

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Jan 15, 2021
Have a good time in the sun, now I do own an E-Bike named TOP-012 ...

Just me Mojacar 2002.png

... to carry water to the house, the "Rich Bit".
TOP-022 Wasser holen.jpeg

Saludos cordiales
Hi there welcome to ebikes forum! Nice fat tire ebike Rich Bit Top-012 I see. How does it go carrying all those water jugs?
Yeah, Finally got one, the bike is nearly perfect for transporting all needed daily groceries, and once a week I do ride with it to the near fountain and pick up 4x7 liters of the freshest water and bring it safely home in the stainless steel jugs, now the old e-bike will get a make-over, ordered a Bafang motor and a controller from AliExpress, the motor I have already mounted into a classical rim, the project classical e-bike for 2021.


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Meanwhile I changed the aluminium blades against steel blades 48-38-28T and the derailleur, so much better, the aluminum is to weak for a MTB with this weight.


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