Heybike Pannier Problems


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May 17, 2023
I'm losing my mind over this. Just got a Heybike Ranger with an included waterproof pannier bag. When attempting to install it, I found the pannier is so deep that the bottom slaps against the gears while in motion. Is that a bug or a feature? Am I just an idiot and there's some clever installation solution I'm seeing? The "instructions" provided in the pannier bag are of no practical value, and RV Enthusiast hasn't made a video on it. I'm stumped!
From the pic s of the bike with the panniers installed, it appears there is an upper carrier piece to which the pans are attached thereby reducing the interference.
We can’t really tell without some detailed pix from different angles.

It’s either very poor design or you’ve installed them wrong. They’re not supposed to hot the sprockets.

Make sure the hooks are hooked on the rack; that’s usually how they’re kept clear of the mechanics.