HeyBike Brawn - pros and cons


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Jan 12, 2023
Recently I purchased a HeyBike Brawn.

Mostly good things to say because it does what I need it to do.


It's fast. Up to 28mph if the battery is fully charged (52v).

I love how it looks. It had the cool factor without having to build one from various components myself.

Comfortable geometry and the dropper seatpost is a huge plus.

I can easily motor over curbs! No more lifting the front wheel. I can take short cuts! It's not as comfy as full suspension but this bike does feel solid and I do trust it.

Easy to use the app and adjust the top speed.

Headlight looks cool and it's actually focused into a beam.

Grips clamp onto the bars.

Battery is inside the downtube so it looks like a normal bike - although it still gets plenty of looks.

Tail light has a Red AND Blue flashing feature! I'm basically able to go through intersections like these police do.


Front wheel is not centered - closer to the brake rotor side by 3/16". I get speed wobbles if I try to ride with my hands off the bars.

Head tube is not plumb to the rest of the bike.
thats a big deal!

Couple allen bolts were loose but for me that's hardly an issue because I naturally go over everything again.

Fat tires go "wow wow wow wow" but that's probably just the way those are.

I wish the tail light was wired to the main battery like the headlight is...

Horn is not loud enough to make people scared and swerve and crash into a phone pole.


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Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
Are the brakes squeaky? ...becuase they were REALLY squeaky on my heybike Ranger.

But it was a good bike anyway.