Hermosa police find balancing electric bike enforcement difficult


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Jul 29, 2022
Upstate NY

Hermosa police find balancing electric bike enforcement difficult​


by Kevin Cody

This past Fourth of July, the Hermosa Beach police set up a sting operation on the Hermosa Beach Strand. Their targets were riders of electric bicycles using pedal assist to exceed The Strand’s eight mile per hour speed limit.

Officers on either side of the pier radioed descriptions of speeding e-cyclists to officers at the pier, where a flashing red light signals bicyclists to walk.

“Some people got in our faces, demanding to know if we didn’t have better things to do. Some people applauded,” Police Chief Paul LeBaron said during an interview last week.

Hermosa Beach Police officer G. Rodriquez cites an e-bike rider during an enforcement crackdown on the Hermosa Strand on the Fourth of July. Photo courtesy of the HBPD/FB

E-bikes have become an increasingly polarizing issue in the beach cities, especially on the Hermosa Strand. Letters to the Editor writers demand more citations be issued for speeding, and running stop signs. E-bike proponents, whose numbers have grown to rival pedal cyclists, cite e-bikes’ health, environmental and convenience benefits. No more circling the block looking for a car parking space. No more parking tickets.

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I know that strand well......I applaud the police. There are thousands of walkers and joggers there....a speeding ebike of any speeding bike for that matter should not be tolerated.