Helping Granny out


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Jul 20, 2022
Hey all.
I'm 68 and want to build my girlfriend's mom an e-trike based on a used from CL Schwinn Meridian on the cheap to use while RVing in a trailer with veranda.
Can mig weld so thinking (that's what gets me in trouble) making one in the next 3 weeks before her folks arrive.
make a mounting plate for drive rear wheel lfaster 250w. Or 450w for $30 more
12v 7ah batteries times 2.
Don't mind spending a little on upgrades so any input welcome since I've never done anything with ebikes or bikes in general
Not wanting speed, swapping stock 32 tooth sprocket for 42 tooth. maybe swap to Mtn bike wheels for added strength?
would like nicer display with more features to make more user friendly having battery condition, ablility to turn power down for brushed motor possible?
better compound front pads. Have older mtn bike with front end with disc brake. If that fits I can kill 2 birds, better ride and brakes.
Then there is that double free wheel differential

Let me know your ideas that will not break my bank
Many thanks Roy
Welcome to the forum!

There are lots of members here who are pretty knowledgeable about the aspects of building/converting bikes (not me……I’m more of a let someone else build it guy).

Hopefully someone will help you out.

In the meantime, poke around the message board a bit. There is a subforum here on trikes.