Help please - arced connector wires on yose 48v battery


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11:26 AM
Feb 13, 2022
arced connector wires on yose 48v brand new am i screwed? Hlp pls

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Did you notice a strong burning smell, see any smoke?

Check it with a voltmeter, plug it into the controller and see if it works.

You could have destroyed the battery, maybe damage some cells, maybe destroyed the BMS, maybe blew a fuse, maybe you got lucky. I can't see it from here, can't smell it form here, can't test it from here. There is a very good reason somebody, somewhere must have told you to NOT let the red and black wires touch, hopefully there were no injuries and the damage is not too expensive. Do report back and tell us how much this particular mistake has cost you. Won't know full state of battery damage for some time yet.

Also, describe just what exactly you were doing when this happened, so new users can be advised to NOT EVER do that.