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Aug 23, 2022
Hi everyone,

I need your help and opinions about a subject. I have an old ebike with a 24v motor. I wanted to replace its controller and ordered a new one. Today, I received the new controller, but the wires of the new controller look different from the wires of the old one. I could find and connect; phase line wires (green, yellow and blue wires), hall sensor (the socket with 5 wires), power wires (black and blue wires, and throttle wires (black, red and white wires) but I couldn't pair some other wires.

I took the pictures of the wires which I couldn't pair.


- In this photo, there are 4 sockets; the one with black-red-white comes from the throttle and I found that socket on the controller. - The one with green and yellow wires comes from the button on the throttle, but I couldn't find where it goes.
- The one with blue and red wires goes somewhere from the down tube. I don't know where it goes or where to connect to the controller.
- The last socket, behind all others in the photo with 3 wires (blue, red, and yellow) comes from the pedal, but I couldn't find which socket it should be connected to the controller.

The photo of the throttle;


And this is the wire description page of the controller;


In this photo, I put the wires which I couldn't pair in red lines. I have 3 sockets on the bike side and 6 on the controller needed to be connected.

I hope this explanation is clear enough to get some help.

Thank you...
The info provided, although considerable in volume is almost useless (to me). A schematic for the original eBike and motor may provide some clues. Seems safe to say that if your eBike has no doors, that part of the wiring harness can be ignored..