Help I.D. this fat bike please?


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6:04 PM
Nov 12, 2023

I'm unsure of the Make & Model...I bought it on Kijiji..
Dude... apologies but the 3 best things you can do to help yourself: 1. remove the battery and take smartphone pics of any sticker on the battery or the battery cradle 2. go over the frame - and snap pics of any stickers you find there 3. stick your phone under the frame at the crakshaft and snap any serial# or frame markings that might be underneath.

The the 4th and VERY BEST THING you can do is ask the person you bought it from - and if they can't tell you - or if they waffle about it - your "used bike" could have been stolen then resold to you - and if it was - watch out - they could steal from you too - you have SMART EBIKE THIEVES in Canada !
The take your phone - pull the battery snap any stickers on ther battery or cradle - then check the frame for any other marking - and don't forget to look for Serial#/Manuf markings on the bottom of the frame..