Help finding "road/gravel/bike path" capable ebike?


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3:25 PM
Aug 23, 2020
I'm close to getting an E bike. I wanted something with a good range, good weight capacity, assisted speed under 20mph, good torque to climb hills, and a good support network of bike shops in the USA.

I liked the Specialized Vado, but their assisted speed exceeded the legal limit for bike paths around here (20 mph). I also liked the Trek Verve Plus 3 and the Allant Plus 7, but their weight capacity (Bike Plus Rider) put me over the 300 pound limit. I like several Cannondale models, but their Newton Meters seem to be limited to 50 on their Class 1 machines. (Do you really need more than 50 Newton Meters of torque to deal with hills?) Any suggestions on a bike that ticks all the boxes?

I'm a newbie with most of this stuff.

Thanks for your help.
I know this is an old thread, but did you end up finding an ebike that ticks all of your boxes?