Help ebike no longer runs???


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May 5, 2020
Hello this is an e-bike I purchased from a third party seller on ebay for $700.00. I bought it to improve my health, rode it 49.1miles now I can't get it to run. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE? BATTERY IS GOOD AND CHARGED. NO POWER BUT TO THE LIGHT AND HORN AND COMPUTER.

I have tried everything. Fuse is good. It could be in the programming or dashboard controller. Can't figure out what the problem since it came with no instructions. Used it one day would not run the next day. Anybody had that problem?


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Sometimes the connection from display to the controller could be the problem. Let me explain. The pin connector are supposed to be waterproof. Disconnect the coupling see if the inside is wet. Count the number of pins versus holes on each end. If your missing some pins that could be your problem. Open your controller box and check all connections. From your hub motor to the controller.. when water or moisture gets inside the pin connection it will melt one or more pins inside. This happened to one of my ebike when I rode it in the rain. They are supposed to be waterproof. Another problem could be that wires from motor to controller got nicked or severed.
You have an error code 9 check connections. Check the battery connections. Sometimes the pins get pushed in.
Error code 9 I will check again. Thank you are there other codes? Could that be a brake on indicator?
Ok I've tried all of this .
Could it be a brake safety switch ..Also it has a throttle . Nothing works but the lights ..The battery is load tested .
I have a electric background .
So can it be in the screen . Does any body know if you can clear or trouble shoot it. I've tried on and off for 6 months .
Very depressing .
This was supposed to help my heart not kill me .
We live in a very remote area ... Broke . 68 years old I need this bike
Check brake sensors, gear sensor, remove and reinstall battery.

Check your wiring. Probably something is loose there that stops the ebike from running. happened to me specially when u have a throttle. Check ur brake wires too.

It could be that the hub motor is shot possibly. Check to ensure power is getting to the motor, if it is, check that power is getting to the thumb control.if they both have juice, good chance you need a new motor.
Start with the basics and work your way down. If battery is full voltage check all your connectors. Throw a multi meter on the brake sensors and make sure they’re working. If they are throw a multi meter on the motor connectors and see if your getting juice there.