Help converting my standard bike to an ebike with hub motor


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Jul 26, 2020
I’m interested in converting my standard bike to an E bike using a rear hub drive motor...My rear hub spacing is 148mm. I know there are several rear hub motors available, I know maxon makes one. Any others I should be looking at? But mostly I’m looking for a battery that small and discreet. I wouldn’t use the power that often just go up a hill so I don’t need a huge battery life. Again, I know there are various systems available, but i’m mainly looking for something that doesn’t make my bike look like an ebike.
Look into how realistic this ^^^ is. You'd need a motor that disengages from the drivetrain when not powered up. That way you are just pedalling a very heavy bike around on the flats and rolling terrain. If OTOH you have to pedal a very heavy bike around plus the drag from the hub motor I think you'll find that's not going to work and you'll need some power pretty much all the time other than steep DH sections.

I reviewed a commuter e-bike a while back with an aftermarket hub motor kit and while I could pedal it with the power off it was unpleasant enough due to motor drag that was just an emergency measure if I planned my power usage/recharging poorly and ran out before I got to my destination.
Hub motors for 148 are going to be tricky. Can you get a bbs02 on there? Pedalling without any assistance is going to create a lot of drag, which is great for exercise or waiting for someone to catch up.
As indicated the 148mm rear spacing is challenging. Otherwise, the Q100H (BMS Battery), a geared motor which doesn't add much resistance to "normal" pedal activity and weighs about four pounds or so, would be a consideration. My 52V, 6 ah, 3 pound Luna battery provides 15-20 miles of off road assistance for a BBS02-equipped MTB. Look at ebikesca for modular batteries that are even lighter. Additionally, a Vivax inside the seat-tube mounted system weighs a total of four pounds with battery and provides 200w or so power.
Don't know where you reside, but the Maxon DIY kit is $3K+ at my local e-bike shop, and IMO worth it. If you're using their motor, I'd use their battery for the couple of extra pounds.