Help! Controller having issues!


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11:21 AM
Jan 7, 2023
Ok so I’ll break this down, I’ve got a mini bike frame that I’m building electric.
Got a 2000 watt motor/ controller kit off Amazon, and a 52 volt nominal, 30 amp hour battery off AliExpress, so should do the job.
I got it all hooked up no issues rode it around for a couple weeks then decided I wanted a smoother controller, so I ordered one from Amazon and it comes, clean install but it won’t run from 0 rpm, you have to push it and then it starts turning forward, what I mean is it can’t decide which way to turn at 0 rpm, idk why, so I think maybe the controller is just s**t, I reinstall the first controller which was working fine, and now it won’t even run, just sits there and stutters.

Any pointers? Please help, I have no idea what to do, all the phase wires are installed the exact same way they were last time.