Hello, just bought one. (Vtuvia WTVA)


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Nov 28, 2021
I'm a retired electrical/automation tech and a veteran of the USAF, life long motorcyclist now retired from that, too.
I sold my motorcycle and used part of the cash to buy one of these bikes. I want to slow down, go places motorcycles aren't allowed, get some exercise and ride something with some fun built in, so I got a folding fat tired bike. Made by Vtuvia and called a WTVA, it's matte black, 750 watt (they say) with a decent 48v 13AH battery.
The bike's rear brake is dragging and I want to install some liners and sealant so I haven't ridden it but a couple hundred feet. I adjusted the caliper mount parts, filed some clearance on a boss that stuck out near the disc because it was touching it and I think I have that trouble sorted. I got the tuffy liner in the rear and some Armor-dilloz red sealant in the tube. Tomorrow I'll do the front wheel and it should be ready to ride. I've been setting u-p the controller parameters to suit me, which was pretty fun. These things are cool.
I got all sorts of accessories for it (might as well, no m/c left to waste money on) and am having a pretty good time for an old fart.
Thanks for having me, I'll be a lurker for a while til I learn some stuff.
lines. Bought in July the wtva folding step thru.love it
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