Hello, introduction and possible electrical problem


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Jun 21, 2018
Just joined Electricbikes, glad to see an active group on the topic.

I've been commuting here in Pennsylvania for almost two years, April through October, about 9 miles each way.

I'm on a 24" Nordic Track with a 36-volt Wilderness Energy kit bought on Ebay. Aside from the expected maintenance of the bike and the electrical and drive system, details of which I'll probably discuss in future posts, it's been a great little EV for me.

After some recent frame repair work, I put it all back together and have been riding for about a week on the reassembled bike. My 3) 12v 11ah batteries were on their desulfating charger all the while the work was underway.

Now, sometimes going up a stiff hill, the power seems to fade sometimes.

this isn't the same as dying batteries, or aging batteries. I'm on my 3rd set of batteries, and they're still fine. This was something else I think.

My question is, are there some parts of the electrical and motor system that wear out or begin to lose performance eventually? Is my brushless motor a possible suspect? The wiring in general?

Maybe it's the controller. It's a little black box that I mount under the seat, which connects the front drive wheel with the thumb throttle, and has a lame little stamped key the size of a bracelet charm.

Looking forward to chiming in with some of my own solutions and experiences,
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