Hello I am a Bafang mid-drive bbshd grampa


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Mar 14, 2021
I think my controller died. Any recommendations for Bafang repairs near the Santa Clarita Valley?
I suppose any ebike shop who does servicing and repairs will be able to help you out. The other option would be to replace parts yourself until you find the culprit.
I have a Bafang Mid-Drive, 750W. I too thought I had a controller problem when it quit on me several times. I found out I had bad connections with the battery. Eventually, I solved that problem and she has been running flawlessly. Get someone with a volt-ohm meter to check out the connection to your battery.
Contact BafangUSDirect their located in SoCal (Santa Ana) they can help diagnose your issue and carry most of the stock parts.
What WOULD be neat: you box up your motor, etc..... and send your "core" into some service center, and they immediately send a re-built unit ( ( (some kind of refurbished unit of the same spec(s) ...and hopefully a warranty ) ........ I have been reading ..... a LOT of the Bafang Failures are due to "over heating" ...so the first thing I did was dial back my Top Speed to 24 MPH (for a 500 watt unit mounted on an MTB) ...and also I intend to limit my amperage to a max of 18 (instead of 25 Amps) .... that, plus where I am at there is not a lot of sustained hill climbing ... the Bafang drive unit is sealed, so shouldn't be too much trouble. I have seen YouTube videos where they open up the case and stuff it full of synthetic grease...I don't think I'll get into that !! I also have read that the mid-drives are hard on rear-wheel cassettes... but you can buy a spare for oh $20 from Nashbar