Hello from western Pennsylvania


Second bike I got this year in April. Both are 1500 watt 26 inch bikes.
Tell us a bit about yurself mate.
I'm in the US on the east coast. I ride mainly streets.

Looks like ya have good roads there :)
Sorry for the mindless banter in yur thread @Squire93

Ya can overvolt that hub drive a bit ya know. And Moar AH man!! :)
That picture, in front of the front tire...the headstone....ya campin in/on a graveyard?
Well we're not hittin on all cylinders here mate :)

The first pic up there, the front tire points to a headstone, like in a graveyard. lol

I like that greenhouse though are those auto screens?
Ok. I see you are talking about the red bike. That is just the back of a statue I keep in my yard. I thought you were talking about my black bike.