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Aug 23, 2022
I have been ebiking for a year now. Just would like to see who else is out there and perhaps share some ideas.
G'day and welcome to the forum. Thanks for joining us and feel free to share your ride with everyone if you wish.
Welcome to the forum!
Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
Thanks for the welcome. I have 2 bikes one I bought last summer, it is a camping, and a Huffy I bought this year for my wife. Both bikes were made by a retired electronics guy. They both have 1500 watt rear hub bafang motors and 20 plus amp hour batteries. I will send pictures when I get home from work. I live in the Appalachian mountains so I really enjoy the bikes, they make all the mountains level.
This might be a simple question, but I don't understand wattage. The $3,300 ebike I'm looking to buy has a 500w mid drive motor. How does this wattage difference between your 1500 watt bike and this 500w one play out in real life scenarios? Also, can you explain 20 plus amp hour batteries? The page for the one I'm thinking of buying has no info on amps.
The wattage is the power. It is determined by volts x amp hours. The higher the wattage the more power. 500 watts is a decent power level. I was thinking of buying one when I found the bike I bought which was a "homemade" bike. This is allot of power but is a basic system; it just has the motor, controller and came with a 24 amp hour battery which I have since upgraded hence my 20 plus quote. The wattage/amp hour is the capacity. It means the battery can put out the wattage over a longer period of time the more amp hours you have. I will send you some pictures when I get home from work and a better explanation of wattage and and amp .hours.
Remember the good old simple days of going to Radio Shack to buy a 9V battery?

A childhood was not complete unless you stuck your tongue on the top of one of those suckers at least once.
This is my battery before the upgrade. I added a extra parallel row on my upgrade. The new battery is 48 (52) volt 28 amp hour battery. I stated that watt hours are a unit of power which technically is wrong. The watt is a unit of power a watt hour is a measurement of energy. To me it does not make a difference but someone may notice the difference. Energy is the ability to cause change so the watt hour is the ability to make your bike go. So a 500 watt motor will make your bike go but not as good as a 1500 watt motor. Like I stated my bike was made by a friend so I got my bike for around 425 dollars. I was very fortunate to have found this because a 1500 watt manufactured bike would be very expensive. So if you want to buy an ebike ask yourself some basic questions.
1. What are you going to use you bike for.
2. What kind of surface are you going to ride on.
3. Where are you going to ride; are you going to ride from home or are you going to take your bike to trails or just another place.
4. Where are you going to store your bike.
5. What kind of terrain are you riding on, mostly flat or mountainous.
If you answer these questions it will help you decide what kind of bike you want. I was very fortunate to find the bike I did because I use mine for recreation and commuter situations. So I ride 95% on paved roads and therefore I want speed and distance. I hope this helps you some. I certainly would be glad to try to help on specific issues if you like. I also woul like to stay in touch to see how you make out.
Remember the good old simple days of going to Radio Shack to by a 9V battery?

A childhood was not complete unless you stuck your tongue on the top of one of those suckers at least once.
Just found the reply button. Yes I do remember those days. They were great times.