Hello from the East Bay (Rad City ebike)


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I'm rocking a late 2020 RadCity Step-Thru 3 in White with Dual Fremont Panniers in Black and upgrade to the Premium Headlight. I'm getting at least a one more battery and a backup charger to carry with, along with an Extrawheel Monowheel Trailer customized for carrying an Oru Bay ST folding kayak and a third pannier for water and-or camping gear.

I am keeping modifications to my RadCIty to a subtle minimum, currently discussing with the vendor how to recreate the stock RPB colour and branding on the bike and trailer using LumiLor electroluminescent paint for super high visibility riding at twilight and after-dark. I haven't found anyone in NorCal with the experience using the product, so I sadly may end up shipping her to LA or San Diego for the job. If anyone has a lead on an artist with elite skills in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, please share the lead with me. lumilor.com
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