Hello from Texas

Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!
Never heard of those eBikes you’re talking about, but I bet someone has.
Just did a quick search and didn't find much. Here's one for sale,


In the listing it says,

developed by Giant bicycle Company for A Division of the Ford Motor Company.

This is a more desirable model, only 50 were made in this colour combo of the 3,000 made altogether when Ford USA were selling them.

I don't know, it's not for me but it looks like a good deal on an little folding e-bike.

Nope, on second look,

Lead acid battery is rated for 350 charges and cost less than $100 to replace. which is far than the lithium batteries.

Move along, nothing to see here.

I wouldn't buy any e-bike with a lead acid battery. No telling how long these have been sitting around, the batteries may already be greatly depleted and likely no longer available. And they are heavy and won't have much range.
Here's the page enlarged from the listing above.
Think Bike.PNG

Up to 16 miles average range for the traveler, and 22 miles average range for the Fun. Unless there is another Ford Think bike I would give it wide pass.
Based on what munirider found, I would look at other folding electric bikes, starting with the Lectric XP line. Lite for something that is actually light enough to lift without back pain or 3.0 for otherwise.