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Apr 11, 2022
I'm brand new to ebiking, but not new to cycling.

I’ve become obsessed with the idea of e-biking since ordering an Aventon Aventure Step Through from a LBS this past week! This whole e-biking is all new to me, and opens another chapter in my life of bike riding. I go back a long ways with bike riding. I remember in the ‘60’s when I first learned how to ride a bike when my foot got caught in between the rear wheel and downstay. In the early ‘70’s, I had a 3 speed Schwinn Sting Ray with a banana seat and wide slick tires. We used to ride wheelies and jump over ramps as kids In the mid to late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s, I had a 10 speed Tour de France bike with shifters on the down tube. And when someone stole it, I bought an orange 10 speed Schwinn Varsity.

I spent all of the ‘80’s and part of the early ‘90’s in the US Army, so I never had time to ride a bike. During the last few months of my last tour in the Army in Germany, I bought a Schwinn 10 speed to get me to and from work as my vehicle was being shipped back to the USA. I shipped the bike back with my household goods when we moved to Pensacola, and I rode the bike for a while until I ended up working 12 hour days, 6 days a week, then sold the bike.

I was out of bike riding, out of shape, and gained weight. When my twin boys wanted bikes in the early 2000’s, we all bought Mongoose hybrid bikes, and we all began to casually ride short distances together, then increased our distances. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004, our bikes were stolen from inside my locked shed by a roofing crew working on our house. Our insurance covered it, and my boys got Trek hybrid bikes, and I decided to get a Giant road bike again. They rode bikes until their late teens until they got cars, and cars led to girls, and girls led to marriage, so they sold their bikes.

For me, I had a road bike and was an avid cyclist, pedaling over 3K a year until March, 2016, when my cervical spine needed surgery to fuse C-4 and C5. Those were the worst discs, but I have several others that I’ve been having epidural injections and Radio Frequency Ablations on, as well as L3-L5 in my lumbar spine, so my road bike days have been over since.

I never considered riding a bike again until one of my twin sons, now 34, bought an e-bike a few months ago after he gave up driving due to numerous car accidents, none of which were his fault. He showed me his bike, told me all about it, and it inspired me to look into getting one. That, along with having three stents in my LAD, and recent elevated heart rate, which led to two stays in the hospital in March, my cardiologist told me to exercise. I loved cycling, but knew a regular bike w/o power was behind me now.

I discovered a bike shop in town that sells 14 different brands of e-bikes, which I never knew existed since I haven’t looked at any type of bike since 2016. I knew if I got back on a bike that I’d have to get out of the “road bike mentality”. I knew I had to “think out of the box of my narrow minded self”. I gave it a lot of thought, and chose an Aventon Aventure because I don’t want to be limited by the road. I want the freedom of having wide open possibilities. There's some trails I can ride on, or the shoreline of Pensacola Beach. Based on my son’s experience who rode a fat tire bike at work, he recommended it to me because they’re more comfortable of a ride than narrower tires. So, the bike will be here this week, but I’ll be traveling to Buffalo to see my mother and relatives until 2 May. I’m looking forward to the trip, and return trip to begin my new adventures on my new e-bike!

I'll also be looking for other riders in my area to do rides with.
Welcome to the forum! 14 ebike brands at your local bike store is a lot of choice. Hope you're having a good time on your Aventure.