Hello from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA


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10:20 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
I just bought a Heybike Ranger the other day. (500 W, Class 3 folding bike with fat tires)

I'm having fun and getting used to it. With the 20 PSI fat tires, it's not the most efficient, but it is doing what I want it to, and I like having options on how fast to go and how much to pedal.

It might be fun to meet up with someone local some time, though my e-bike is too heavy to really load in my car. (71 lbs.)

I may end up getting a lighter e-bike in the future to supplement this one.

Hi Jeremy and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your report I've moved those posts to off topic are. Enjoy the forum and your ebike!