Hello from Eagle River Wisconsin


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May 16, 2022
I am new to the idea of e-Bikes, have not purchased yet, but used to do a lot of Biking as a Kid and younger adult. I went everywhere on my 10 speed bike back
in the day.

My wife and I are older now and interested in getting back into it and we like the Idea of having a little help in the form of a push up a tougher hill. I have read some of the posts here and am impressed with the knowledge being shared and recommendations.

We are still tire-kicking sort-of. There are a posters that do reviews of eBikes on Youtube that we found to be informative.

Up to this point, we are leaning towards the Cyrusher xf-650. The reviews are good and $1,500 each seems OK. 750 watt and 26mph seems OK too. We are not looking
for speed, but rather just a little help with the big 4" tires. Is the reputation of Cyrusher generally positive here at the Forum.

We are open to suggestions and advice, but mainly wanted to say Hello from Northern Wisconsin, where the Lake ice has only been gone for about (2) weeks.

Hi and Thanks
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