Hello from Dorset


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Apr 14, 2021
I have just ordered my first e-bike (EMU Roam) - delivery in a few days time! I was lucky to find this bike locally (supporting LBS) at a fair price. Plan to use this for commuting and the more hilly routes in west Dorset.
Hi there, welcome to the forum! It's great that you are supporting your LBS (Local Bike Shop), it will make it really easy for any warranty claims or servicing in the future. Looks like it comes with a 2 year warranty! I thought the battery was on the down tube, but it says carrier mounted battery in the description, that's probably the controller on the down tube then. I think I found a photo of it, is this the one?

Hi Anton, yes the battery is in the downtube - looks neater and may be better for weight-distribution. I like the retro style of the bike.
@thomaschisholm - Enjoy your new eBike. Let us know your feedback on it once you log your first 100 miles or so. I ride a Himiway Cruiser as a commuter and really have enjoyed the first 300+ miles thus far over the past 5 weeks.
A couple of pics from today's ride (maiden voyage), just rode about 5 miles around my town. Getting used to using the combination of Nexus 7-speed hub and the motor. Will ride the short distance to work tomorrow. Bike has rack-top bag and a D-lock.