Hello E-Bike owners



I'm from the Netherlands and since two years owner of a Victoria e-bike with Bosch Gen2 Active line motor.


I have bought this used bike with 28.000 Km for a nice price.
The inframe accu was broken and have replaced all 40 x 1865 Samsung (400 Watts) cells for 30 x 2170 LG cells (640 Watts).
Also some parts from the BMS are replaced. All runs now for more than 1 year and a half without problems.
The last 6 Month, there comes noise from the motor bearings, after 28.500 KM. Opened the motor for the first time and had a view inside.
Was looking for service documentation, but could find service documents.
I've bought last week on Ebay a Bosch Performance CX motor (same construction) with a 500 Failure, like more Performance CX motors from Bosch !!
I have found out that this 500 Failure comes from the PCB, but without service doc, i can't find where this failure comes from.
Bosch does not want to provide any information and I can find out for myself !! I'm right busy now to find a solution for this, because this motor has only 4900 KM. All bearings Oké... All Display functions present, but no motor Power from the 034N06N Fets and no data comes into the TLE9180 Infineon Gate driver.... Because Bosch does not provide service documentation, I want to get rid of this Bosch software as soon as possible and go for an alternative.


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