Has Anyone Tried the Emerald Fold Ebike?


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5:32 PM
May 8, 2023
I'm looking for a foldable ebike that would be good for commuting and off-road use. The Emerald Fold looks promising. Wondering your thoughts on this bike?
Never heard of Emerald before.

For off-road use, you can do better though. You'll want knobby tires and fenders.

Remember to look at the weight spec too. To me, a folding bike that weighs 65+ lbs. is of limited value, because it's so hard to lift.

The Lectric XP Lite weighs 44 lbs, so it's liftable, but is only a single speed. Fenders are available for separate purchase and it'll still come in under a grand. Good quality, too.
I recently purchased one. I have a small sample size since I've only had it a few weeks. I live in San Francisco so it's very hilly. They have a lot of upgraded features on the bike that allow me to have a much more comfortable ride. I used to ride a costco bike, but ultimately it wasn't realistic with what I needed it for daily and was not comfortable. The battery is a 48v Samsung so the next test for me is how long the battery will last me before having to replace, luckily it's detachable. So far so good though.

Hope this helps.