Has anyone seen this connector?


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Aug 10, 2021

I got my hands on a hub motor which I'd like to test using testing tool (got from Aliexpress).

The power lines (3 thick contacts) are Ok.
For the hall sensors I don't have the pin-out.
There are 6 thin connectors out of which two should be for the 5v and three for the hall sensors and one for something else (thermal sensor?).

Rather than trying different arrangements or disassembling the motor, I'd first try to find more information, unfortunately the label I found on the motor (DEV5R36V2820710400) seems to be unknown to the search engines.

Below is the picture of the connector, one possible clue is that there is a 10KOhm resistance between the contacts surrounded in red for the rest the multi-meter shows
an open circuit.

Hopefully someone on this forum has some information/ideas to share.

Thank You in advance
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