Hard tail that will fit a BBSHD?


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May 29, 2022
I bought a BBSHD and a Giant Talon 2. Unfortunately, it does not fit. See:


People have suggested grinding down the tube, but I have not ridden this bike more than about 20 yards and I would rather return it for something I know will work. I'm looking for suggestions for a bike that I know will work. I am looking for:
- Hard tail
- Hydraulic brakes
- $700 - $900

I had originally had a 1x as a requirement (why pay for a derailleur I am going to remove), but some people have pointed out chain line issues with them when converting. At this point I just want a bike I know I can put the motor on.

Any suggestions?
Go to local used bike shops and look for anything that you want to ride... hang the BBSHD on that. Any decent shop will be able to change brakes, seats, bars, wheelsets, etc., (for a price) and dial-it-in to where you are happy. More and more shops will mount the motor and make sure you have a straight chain line. Pick a frame that can handle a big triangle lithium pack and that's the right geometry for a comfortable ride. Working with a local shop is a good idea anyway, you're going to need more help with the bike. The Talon 2 would be fun as hell but not overly practical if the bike is going to be more than just a toy. Even putting fenders on it would be problematic. Gearing with the HD can be frustrating with a standard gear cluster but a fixed gear bike won't take full advantage of the mid-drive. For me, that's 14 gears of 0 to 100% assist @ 1.34h.p. 160Nm of torque... and with a constant straight chain line. Pairing a mid-drive with an IGH is amazing, takes it to another level. Start with the right frame and the bike can be upgraded over the next few years if u want. That's the best thing about the BBSXX series of mid-drive. I hope some American company picks up the ball when BaFang goes under or starts selling something exactly the same. The only downside to BBSXX mid-drives is that they are made in China. Good luck.