Hailong battery power switch won't turn back on until I plug in the charger


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12:22 PM
Oct 20, 2022
Mojave Desert
Problem started after cradle power bypass. I did the bypass because the cradle connectors fail to often. And of course when they fail it tends to fuse the melted plastic together. This makes battery removal from cradle very hard. Everything else works great. If I leave battery power switch on I have no problems turning it on or off from speedometer power switch. But every time I turn hailong power switch off it will not turn back on unless I plug in the charger (charger has to be powered on) for this to work. Any help is appreciated!!!
That sort of behavior almost always means you tripped a failsafe (call it a fuse though it's more of a relay).
Thanks I'll check it out. Everything else with the battery works fine. They charges properly discharges properly I get the mileage out of the battery on my e-bike. It's just if I turn the switch off while I'm out and turn it back on that battery will not come on. Like I said I'm using the switch on my speedometer to turn the bike on and off and leave the power switch on the battery on and I don't have a problem...